Инструкция к кэнон s100

инструкция к кэнон s100
The third and latest version of Canon’s popular pocket-size S-series camera, the PowerShot S100 ($430 as of December 22, 2011), continues its predecessors’ legacy by offering a compact body and manual controls. Choose After pressing the m button, press the op buttons to choose Press the qr buttons or turn the 7 dial to , then press the m button. You can also protect (p. 148) or erase (p. 152) images at once while filtered.

Page 67 If you press the qr buttons in Step 2, the frame will switch to vertical • orientation, and you can change the area to keep in focus by pressing the qr buttons again or turning the 7 dial. You can capture up to eight still images with a high-speed burst mode or video in super slow motion. Choose [Resize]. Page 159: Trimming Trimming You can cut out a portion of a recorded image and save it as a new image file.

Removing the Battery and Memory Card Number of Shots per Memory Card Memory Card… Page 19: Setting The Date And Time Can you check the number of shots that can be taken? Page 153 Selecting a Range Choosing All Images Erase. If you press the n button, a confirmation screen will appear. More experienced users, who do not mind to work the buttons for full manual flexibility and some extra preparations for use with strobes, will also find the Ikelite housing a compelling choice because the quality of the construction offers exceptional value for prolonged and heavy usage.

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