Руководство по the compressonator

руководство по the compressonator
When the texture, T_8K_Test is loaded in UE4 we can see that both the imported and displayed texture size are at 8192. Compressed Texture Memory Requirements DXT uses lossy compression based on packing pixels into 4×4 blocks with paletted colors and interpolated colors. This means that they can lose their content f.i. when a fullscreen application is minimized. JPG images should not be used for textures in realtime games. The ‘X’ button deselects all visible files. «Show recursive» makes DDSopt display full path information prepended to file names.

The LODBias is calculated before the LODGroup Min/Max range. Check the required license conditions before including such filters in your game. They are internally stored in either 16-bit high color or 4-bit compressed format, depending on d3d_texdepth. TGA true color (24-bit RGB) and true color alpha (32-bit ARGB) images are used for high quality textures.

With this extension, we enable the application to decide on whether relaxed order rendering is sufficient and reap the performance benefits. In order to use the new extension, you need the Crimson 16.5.2 driver or later – the extension is already implemented and exposed. Since the resolution to compression ratio is a constant, to calculate the memory requirements for a texture resolution not listed here, simply multiply the resolution ratios. Produce partial derivative tangent-space normal-maps: Ensures that Ethatron’s custom algorithm is applied when converting tangent-space normal maps. This is the individual equivalent to the menu option «Re-compress and re-mip all textures». If this option is not checked (or is greyed out) when a texture is already compressed or not scheduled for compression, nothing happens.

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