All in 1hdd docking инструкция manual

Details 2-bay USB 3.0 Docking Stationwith offline Clone Function Need occasional access to bare drives or full backup to external bare drives? This version is not USB 3.0, only 2.0. This version does not have OTC (One Touch Clone). Mini disc installer can be confusing to use. Again, notice the deformed edge below: This side of the box tells us that this is a generic box print.

Storage might be one of the topmost problems a computer enthusiast could ever have if the computer runs perfectly. And the fact that I do not care about personal desktops anymore because of my hectic schedule, my old HDDs will be put to good use again with my laptop. When my partner asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I asked her the item that I have be eyeing for a while – the Getek All in 1 HDD Docking Station. It was priced 1,737 PHP at Lazada during that time. Using Win 10, it automatically detected the mounted HDD once i turned on the power. Yes · 17 No · 5 — Report Comment. Ready for Plug & Play/Hot Swap and no Additional Driver is needed.
Western Digital (80G), Seagate (20G) and my small Hitachi Travelstar (80G) failed the detection test. Support IDE and SATA hard disk. USB 2.0 data transfer rate reaches up to 480 mb/s. Support all 2.5» / 3.5» SATA hard disk of any capacity. When plugged into a USB3 port, the PC gets access to any docked drive that’s as fast as an internal drive but there’s also a happy surprise: you don’t need a PC to get it to clone one drive to another. Copying files to and from the HDD will light up and made the red LED blink: I tested all spare functional HDDs lying around readjusting the bottom slider in the process.

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