Генератор звуковой инструкция гз-33

генератор звуковой инструкция гз-33
There is also a mode called Trigger that is ideal for working with percussive sounds. In this mode, note off is ignored. Aliasing is a two-fold beast: A bit of it can be exactly what is needed to create a cool sound, yet a bit too much can make the timbre unplayable, as the perception of pitch is lost when high notes suddenly fold back into arbitrary pitches. The sub-oscillator produces a square wave when the main oscillator’s Shape control is set to rectangle or sawtooth and a sine wave when the main oscillator is set to sine. The Voices and Retrig controls are available with Poly enabled, and work as they do in Classic Mode.

One-Shot Mode is exclusively for monophonic playback, and is optimized for use with one-shot drum hits or short sampled phrases. The first noise type steps between random values while the second uses smooth ramps. The three Sym options apply symmetrical distortion, which means that the saturation behavior is the same for positive and negative values. Show in Finder/Explorer reveals the sample within its folder in your computer’s operating system.

The Error slider introduces unpredictability into the vibrato, by introducing random deviation to the Rate, Amount, Delay and Attack parameters. Drawing in the display area then raises or lowers the amplitudes of the harmonics. As you adjust the amplitudes, the Status Bar will show the number of the harmonic you’re adjusting as well as its amplitude. The modulation is dependent not only on the setting of the feedback control but also on the oscillator level and the envelope. Note that pitch bend is hardwired to pitch modulation, but can still be routed to an additional target. Any latency introduced by devices within Live will be compensated for automatically, so the slider will be disabled when using the External Instrument Device to route internally. Pitch Envelope RatesПохожие записи: