Bmw c600 sport инструкция

bmw c600 sport инструкция
Punchy sound and low vibration levels thanks to the 90 crank pin offset, 270 ignition spacing, and two balancer shafts. Powered (C 650 GT) or manual (C 600 Sport) windscreen adjustments for the optimal protection against wind and weather. The target of the greatest possible riding stability also benefits in particular from the swingarm bearing that, contrary to the usual practice on scooters of fitting it in the engine casing, is instead fitted in the frame, the usual practice on motorcycles.

Swingarm with wide bearing base and reclining spring strut on the side. This touring oriented design of the C 650 GT is also reflected in the design. High level of active safety thanks to generously sized braking system and dual channel ABS fitted as standard. The seat is wide but tall, and the foot room is slightly less than the C650 GT that inspired us to include the BMW in this shootout.

The instrument cluster of the C 600 Sport and C 650 GT presents a large, easily readable LCD display with integrated engine speed readout and an analogue speedometer. Placing the Honda in Drive softened the power delivered by the 670cc liquid-cooled parallel-Twin, making it quite tame around town. It’s hard to explain the disconnect felt when looking at the instruments to discover that you’re in sixth gear at 40 mph. The 600’s seat is high, firm, and round, a bit like sitting on a football, but much more comfortable. A $605 Highline package adds heated handlebar grips and a heated seat, must-haves even here in California.

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