Инструкция d link dsl

инструкция d link dsl
Click Save/Apply when you are finished with the virtual server configuration. D-Link DSL-2640U User Manual… Page 46: Port Triggering Custom application radio button and entering your own Application Rule in the field provided. Click the Apply button to let your settings take effect. D-Link DSL-2640U User Manual… Page 63: Pptp, I Nterface G Roup To access the Internet Group window, click the Internet Group button in the Advanced Setup directory. Click the Tone Selection button to modify the upstream and downstream tones. When you are finished, click the Save/Apply button. D-Link DSL-2640U User Manual… Page 79: A Ccess C Ontrol, Services Appendix A – Troubleshooting Access Control To access the Access Control windows, click the Access Control button in the Management directory.

This window allows you to select the desired modulation, phone line pair, and capability. Click the Save/Reboot button to save your new IP over ATM settings and restart the Router. D-Link DSL-2640U User Manual… Page 42: Advanced Setup Channel Identifier. The VPI and VCI values should be provided by your ISP. This window also allows you to enable QoS by ticking the Enable Quality of Service check box. Diagnostics Your modem is capable of testing your DSL connection with access to Diagnostics. This read-only window displays Address Resolution Protocol info. DHCP To access the Device Info – DHCP Leases window, click the DHCP button in the Device Info directory. This window allows you to update the Router’s software.

Step 2 Right-click on the Local Area Connection which represents your D-Link network adapter and select Properties. Security Protocol This is the method your ADSL service provider will use to verify your Username and Password when you log on to their network. Page 17: Factory Reset Button, Network Connections MDI-X ports (1x, 2x, etc.) with a crossed cable. For example: “7890ABCDEF” (hexadecimal digitals) or “QWERT” (ASCII characters) for a key length of 64bits. D-Link DSL-2640U User Manual… Page 70 Appendix A – Troubleshooting 802.1x Authentication Select 802.1x to enter 802.1x authentication page.

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