Model yb-651 инструкция на русском

model yb-651 инструкция на русском
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Climatic Change, 72, 251-298. Hollesen J., Elberling B., Jansson P. E. 2011. Future active layer dynamics and carbon dioxide production from thawing permafrost layers in Northeast Greenland. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Permafrost, Salekhard, Russia, June 25 — 29, 2012, Vol.1, 295-300. Oelke, C. and Zhang, T. 2007. Modeling the active-layer depth over the Tibetan plateau. Earth Cryosphere, XVI, 3 (in press). Bockheim J.G. 2007. Importance of cryoturbation in redistributing organic carbon in permafrost affected soils. Allows for comfortable handling due to less contraction during operation.* *In comparison with the previous models, WDE1200M/WDE3600M. Flat top The handle can be folded for the flat top. Permafrost and Periglacial Processes, 20:201–220. doi:10.1002/ppp.651 Streletskaya I.D., Vasiliev A.A., Cherkashov G.A., Konishev V.N. 2011. Permafrost and periglacial geomorphology of Western Taymyr coast. Jetem Holiday «Трость» для прогулок летом в сухую погоду.

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